SAW - Surface Acoustic Wave Filters and Resonators

Surface Acoustic Wave Filters and Resonators use in a wide range of applications such as keyless entry devices, RF modems and telemetry systems, alarm systems and mobile phones. Include RF SAW low loss filters for remote control receivers and mobile telephone and receive path. Feature with small external impedance matching with excellent rejection, low series resistance, quartz stability and small sizes for wireless equipments.

In addition to supplying a large selection of standard products, we are also able to offer customized devices for specific applications. Please contact our sales office with details of your specification.

SAW Components- Download Entire SAW Filters and Resonators Catalogue, PDF file (157KB).
Center Frequency (MHz) IL (dB)
SAW Filter Cell Phone - TSF Series

SAW RF Low Loss filter for mobile telephone, receive path.

TSF Filters, PDF (0KB)

35.42 ~ 1855.0 1.6 ~ 22.5
Saw Resonators - TSR Series

SAW Resonator with Low Resistance, Quartz Stability, Small Sizes.

TSR Resonators, PDF file (250KB)

217.25 ~ 1090 1.0 ~ 7.0

SMD and DIP Type Product Package Dimensions

SMD and DIP Type Package Dimensions of SAW Filters, and SAW Resonators.

Product Package Dimensions PDF (0KB)

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