• Precision Network Resistors Low TCR UPRNS Series meets ROHS requirements.
  • UPRNS: Serial Dip Type; UPRND: Parellel Dip Type
  • UPRNS/UPRND Series are relatively consistent with Tolerance of Nominal Resistance and Temperature Coefficient and are good for application's Precision Divider, Bypass, etc...
  • UPRNS/UPRND Series are assembled by EE/RE 1/10 series to form a stable, high precision, and low temperature coefficient Precision Network Resistor. Characteristic of UPRNS/UPRND Series meet.
UPRNSSerial Dip Precision NetworkA(mm)±0.5 14.20 16.90 19.34 21.90 24.10 27.16 35.00 42.30 50.80
Number of Pins 5 6 7 8 9 10 13 16 19

precision network,coefficient
Dimensions (mm)
A 14.20±0.5 ~ 50.80±0.5
B 12.0±0.5
C 0.6±0.05
D 2.54±0.05
E 4.0±0.5
Rated Wattage of one element unit at 70°C (W) 0.1
Maximum Working Voltage (V) 200
Nominal Resistance Range of component element unit (Ω) 10 ~ 1M
Absolute Tolerance (%) A2(±0.02), A5(±0.05), B(±0.1), C(±0.25), D(±0.5), F(±1.0)
Relative Tolerance (%) T(±0.01), A2(±0.02), A5(±0.05), B(±0.1)
Absolute Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C) C7(±5), C6(±10), C5(±15), C3(±25), C2(±50)
Relative Temperature Coefficient (ppm/°C) C10(±2), C9(±3), C7(±5), C6(±10), C5(±15)
Working Temperature (°C) -10 ~ +70
  • Absolute value means all factors (Tolerance and Temperature Coefficient) of component element units of
    Network Resistor are independent.
  • Relative value means the maximum difference factor among component element units of Network Resistor.

Examples for Construction
Precision Coating MELF
  • There are no standard nominal resistance for UPRNS/UPRND Series.
  • Customer can designate or specify the number of component elements of Network Resistor according with this specification of UPRNS/UPRND Series to meet your own needs.
  • It can be required to Token's representatives if customer's requirement beyonds the range of Token's specifications.

How to Order
UPRNS 8 Type1 10R B C5
Part Number
Number of Pins
Resistance Value
10R 10Ω
100R 100Ω
1K1 1.1KΩ
110K 110KΩ
1M 1MΩ
Resistance Tolerance (%)
Absolute A2 ±0.02%
A5 ±0.05%
B ±0.10%
C ±0.25%
D ±0.50%
F ±1.00%
Relative T ±0.01%
A2 ±0.02%
A5 ±0.05%
B ±0.10%
Coefficient (ppm/°C)
Absolute C7 ±5ppm/°C
C6 ±10ppm/°C
C5 ±15ppm/°C
C3 ±25ppm/°C
C2 ±50ppm/°C
Relative C10 ±2ppm/°C
C9 ±3ppm/°C
C7 ±5ppm/°C
C6 ±10ppm/°C
C5 ±15ppm/°C

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