Direct's new flat core winding technology allows for wirewound heatsinkable resistors affording a very low profile, and superior thermal transfer characteristics when compared to conventional aluminum housed type.

Applications for electrical industry range from large capacity metal clad, nonflammable fixed wirewound, nonflammable wave shape ribbon, slide type wirewound, box type, wirewound starter, to nonflammable flat wirewound type.

Direct extends a complete line for both military and commercial applications.

POWER WIREWOUND RESISTORS PDF - Download Entire Power Resistor Catalogue, PDF file (669KB).
Fixed Wire Wound Power Resistors
Type Wattage
Nonflammable Wave Shape Ribbon - DQ Series
Nonflammable Wave Shape Ribbon Resistors

DQ Series is a tubular ceramic with two terminals, and wound with a resistance element consisting of a wave-shaped alloy ribbon.

DQ Series - PDF (185KB)

Screw 30~20000W
Power Chamber - RNW Series
Power Chamber Resistor

Power Resistor Chambers which can be used for anyresistor,chamber AC or DC power application. Units are most commonly used for motor acceleration and braking, load banks, harmonic filtering and neutral grounding applications.

RNW Series - PDF (302KB)

Chamber/Box/Case Assembly Type
Tubular Wirewound Resistors - DR Series
Tubular Wirewound Resistors

A Tubular Wirewound Ceramic Resistor has two terminals, and is wound with copper wire or chromium alloy wire to provide the resistance and then coated with a high temperature,non-flammable resin.

DR Series - PDF (201KB)

Screw 10~20000W
Power High Current - DOE Series
Power High Current Resistor

Power Oval Edge-wound High Current Resistors - DOE Series terminals are welded or silver brazed to the oval, spiral edge-wound resistance element.

DOE Series - PDF (333KB)

Screw 550 ~ 3250W
High Voltage Power Assembly - BOX Series
High Voltage Resistor Power Assembly

A High Voltage Power Assembly Resistor enclosure contains DR series of and/or DQ series. The box offers excellent protection and safety.

BOX Series - PDF (351KB)

Screw 200~4800W
Starter Type - DST Series
Power Starter Resistors

A Tubular Ceramic Starter Resistor has a fixed number of windings and is wound with alloy wire as a resistance element.

DST Series - PDF (348KB)

Screw 500~1000W
Power Oval Flat-Wirewound Resistor - ZR Series
Wirewound Flat Resistors

A Power Flat Tubular Wirewound Resistor has two terminals and is wound with either copper wire or chromium alloy wire as a resistance element.

ZR Series - PDF (354KB)

Screw 40~450W
Power Wirewound Aluminum Housed Resistor - AH Series
Aluminum Housed Resistor

AH Wirewound Aluminum Housed Resistor is high power rating , small size and ultra precision. Standard winding & non-inductive winding types. High stability , strong construction.

AH Series - PDF (428KB)

Screw 5~250W
Extended Lead Wire Power AH Resistor - AHL Series
Aluminum Housed Resistor

Provides design engineers a flexible connection in distance between devices. Supporting a wide range of applications where heat dissipation, add high power are required, easy to utilize and install.

AHL Series - PDF (428KB)

Screw 25~150W
Aluminum Encased - AL Series
Aluminum Encased Resistor

A Power Aluminum encased resistor consists of an alloy metal coil-type resistance element assembled into an aluminum enclosure.

AL Series - PDF (402KB)

Screw 60~1500W
Adjustable Wire Wound Power Resistors
Type Wattage
Power Variable Type - FVR Series
Power Variable Resistors

A C-Shaped Ceramic Variable Resistor is wound with copper or chromium-alloy wire as a resistance element. Except for the slide contact surface, the entire component is coated with a high-temperature, non-flammable resin.

FVR Series - PDF (368KB)

Screw 25~100W
Power Variable Adjustable Type - BSR,BSQ Series
Power Variable Adjustable Resistor

A Tubular Ceramic Variable Adjustable Resistor form has copper-alloy or chromium-alloy windings as a resistance element, with the mount attachment method the same as the other described.

BSR,BSQ Series - PDF (334KB)

Screw 150~2000W
Power Adjustable Round-Wire Resistor - DRS
Power Variable Adjustable Resistor

These large, heavy-duty resistors are designed to withstand frequent start-stop cycles characteristic of motor starting, dynamic braking and other similar applications.

DRS Series - PDF (201KB)

Screw 15~2000W
Power Adjustable Ribbon-Wire Resistor - DQS
Power Variable Adjustable Resistor

These power-rib wirewound resistors are equipped with an adjustable lug, making them ideal for adjusting circuits, obtaining odd resistance values and setting equipment to meet various line voltages.

DQS Series - PDF (201KB)

Screw 75~2000W
Assembly Mounting Methods

Assembly of Power Resistance Devices Mounting Methods

PDF (263KB)

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