(RI85) Voltage Tubular Resistors Break Through 800 Wattage in High Power Applications.
High Voltage Power Resistors - RI85 Series

Direct Electronics presenting Token brand RI85 series has been developed to provide design engineers with high quality, high power, high voltage dividers for use in sophisticated system.

The RI85 resistors make using proprietary thick film metal glaze resistive element and Serpentine Pattern Design which provides ideal cost efficient, stability, high power and high voltage characteristics for a wide range of measurement, voltage divider circuits, and control functions in high voltage power electronics applications.

The RI85 non-inductive Power Voltage Resistor is RoHS compliant and lead free. For customed designs, tighter tolerances, non-standard technical requirements, or custom special applications, please feel free to contact us.

Features :
- Max Working Voltage from 50 KV to 100 KV.
- Resistance Range from 100 KΩ to 1 TeraΩ.
- Resistance Tolerance K(±10%), M(±20%).
- Temperature Coefficient ≤ 100 ppm/°C.
- Rated Wattage from 200 W to 800 W.

Applications :
- Capacitor crowbar circuits, High voltage snubber circuits,
- X-ray/imaging equipment, Impulse voltage generators, Arc furnace damping,
- Pulse modulators, Radar Pulse-forming networks, EMI/lightning supression, Energy research.

Dimensions & Specification
Tubular High Voltage Ceramic Resistors (RI85) Dimensions
Type Power
Dimensions (Unit: mm) Max working
ΦD±2 Φd±2 L1±5 L2±5 T±1
RI85 200W 100K~100G 10% (K)
20% (M)
≤100 28 15 185 200 10.5 50KV
RI85 500W 100K~500G ≤100 34 20 205 220 15 50KV
RI85 800W 100K~1T ≤100 55 40 205 220 15 100KV
Remark: Rated Continuous Working Voltage (RCWV) shall be determined from
               RCWV = square root (power rating × resistance value) or Max Working Voltage listed above, whichever less.

Power Derating Curve

Performance Specifications
Test Item Test Methods Characteristics
Moisture resistance MIL Std. 202, method 106 (IEC68-2-3) ΔR/R≤±0.1% typ., 0.25% Max.
Insulation resistance 500V 25°C 75% relative humidity 10GΩ Min.
Dielectric strength 25°C 75% relative humidity 1000V Min.
Overload 1.5×Pnom. 5 sec (do not exceed max. voltage) ΔR/R≤±0.1% typ., 0.25% Max.
Thermal shock MIL Std. 202, method 107 Cond. C (IEC68-2-14) ΔR/R≤±0.1% typ., 0.2% Max.
Load life 1000h at rated power (IEC115-1) ΔR/R≤±0.1% typ., 0.25% Max.

The Advantages of Non-Inductance & Serpentine Pattern

Non-Inductive Performance:

  1. RI85 Non-Inductive Design which uses a serpentine resistive pattern that offers for zigzagging lines to carry current in opposite directions, thereby achieving maximum neutralization of flux fields over the entire length of the resistor.
  2. This efficient non-inductive construction without derating of any performance advantages is ideal for applications where high frequency is required.

Serpentine Pattern Screen Printing Design:

  1. The RI85 High Voltage Power Resistor combines Token's Non-Inductive serpentine pattern, high thru-put screen printed silicone coating.
  2. The alignment of the gap in the serpentine resistor pattern with the gap in the coating pattern provides a complete encapsulation of the resistor element.
  3. 3. The cap and lead assemblies are pressed onto the resistor core, finishing the resistor and providing rugged terminal attachment.

Specification Download

Download Tubular High Voltage Resistors Datasheet (434KB) PDF.

Key Applications :
- Power Converter Resistor
- Dynamic Braking Resistor
- Capacitor Charge Resistor
- Relay Protection Resistors
- Capacitor Discharge Resistor
- Pulse Wave Form Load Resistor
- In-Rush Current Limit Resistor
- Carbon Comp Replacement Resistor
- Transformer Protection Resistors

- Chopper Resistor
- Snubber Resistors
- Inverter Resistors
- Test Load Resistors
- Rectifier Resistors
- High Power Resistors
- RF Dummy Load Resistor
- Harmonic Filter Resistors
Order Codes
RI85 200W 1M K
Product Type.
Rated Power
Resistance Value.
Resistance Tolerance.

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