Tailor-made (NTK) high voltage resistors for network dividers to suit your needs
High Voltage Resistor Network Dividers

This advanced film resistor technology provides the performance characteristics required by the precision input signal circuits of both bench-type and laboratory digital instruments.

In addition to requiring less board space, these compact voltage network dividers deliver higher performance than selected discrete resistor sets and thin-film dividers.

RoHS-compliant resistor network, high-value high-voltage resistors and potential dividers in a wide variety of configurations are now available from Direct Electronics as custom versions of its standard ranges of resistive products.

For complete information on quantity price and delivery, send an inquiry to our Sales Office.

Features :
- Non Inductive Design, Flat style, Low Resistor Noise.
- Different Coating Available: Glass / Epoxy resin / Silicon.
- Pb-free Production: Meet RoHS, Divider Design upon Request.
- Solderable Leads (Tin coated copper leads): Type Φ0.5 (Φ0.6 / Φ0.8 upon request).

Specifications :
- Resistance Range: 1KΩ ~ 10GΩ.
- Resistance Tolerance: ±1% ~ ±30%.
- Thick film on Aluminum > 96% Al2O3.
- High Voltage Withstanding: Up to 30 ~ 50KV.
- Low VCR: 1ppm / 5ppm / 10ppm upon request.
- Temperature Range: -55°C ~ +125°C (higher temp. upon request).
- Low TCR Available: 250 ppm/°C. (ppm/°C or tighter upon request).

lectrical Parameters (NTK-A)
High Voltage Divider Network (NTK-A) Series Dimensions
High Voltage Divider Network (NTK-A) Series Dimensions
Type PIN Resistance Value (Ω) Resistance Tolerance Pressure parameters Rated Power (W)
NTK-A 1 ~ 2 R1 30M K (±10%) 4KV Min. 0.6W Min.
2 ~ 3 R2 30M K (±10%) 4KV Min. 0.6W Min.
3 ~ 4 R3 1M J (±5%) 500V Min. 0.3W Min.
4 ~ 5 R4 800M K (±10%) 10KV Min. 1W Min.

Electrical Parameters (NTK-B)
High Voltage Divider Network (NTK-B) Series Dimensions
Type Serial Number Resistance Value (Ω) Rated Power Resistance Tolerance Temperature Coefficient Operating Voltage
NTK-B R1 52M 5W ±5% ±250PPM/°C 8500V
R2 10K - -
R3 10K - -
R4 16M2 4W 4200V
R5 17M3 3W 4400V
R6 3M3 1W 800V
R7 8K - -

Specification Download

Download High Voltage Divider (NTK) Datasheet PDF (292KB).

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