high voltage resistors


DIRECT offers rugged, reliable bulk, ceramic glaze glass type and custom design - to meet the extreme energy consumption requirements of the most demanding applications in input impedence, voltage dividing circuits. Low VCR & TCR also available.

Products extend a complete line for both military and commercial applications such as Image Intensifier, Ion Beam, Medical Gamma Cameras, Medical Blood Analysis, Medical Radiation Therapy, Ion Source, Lasers, Plasmas, Microwave, Nuclear Instrumentation, Pulse Generators, Military Radar, Electron Beam, Crt, X-Ray, Automated Test, Gas Chromatography, Ozone Generating, Electrophoresis.
VOLTAGE RESISTORS PDF- Download Entire High Voltage Resistor Catalogue, PDF file (260KB).
Resistance Range (Ω) Working Voltage (V)
High Voltage - RI82 Series
Thick Film Resistors

High Voltage RI82 Glaze Glass Chip Thick Film Resistors are able to absorb large amounts of energy at high voltage while remaining non-inductive.

RI82 Series - PDF (363KB)

107 ~ 1011 2K ~ 30K
High Resistance - RH1 Type
High Resistance Resistor

Glaze Glass High Resistance Resistor features withstanding extreme impulse and short time over load, and applications in micro current circuit measurement and impulse equipments.

RH1 Type - PDF (311KB)

107 ~ 1012 1000
High Frequency - RY31A Series
High Frequency Resistor

RY31A Oxide Film High Frequency Resistor, with the inner and outer surfaces coated with a special glass, features higher thermal resistance and larger electric power capacity for the compact volume.

RY31A Series - PDF (309KB)

50 ~ 75 3.2K ~ 12.5K
High Impulse Load - RI80 Series
High Impulse Load resistors

RI80 is able to absorb large amounts of energy at high voltage while remaining non-inductive. Ideal for: Capacitor crowbar circuits, Impulse voltage generators, Energy research, Pulse modulators, Radar Pulse-forming networks, High voltage snubber circuits, Arc furnace damping, X-ray/imaging equipment, and EMI/lightning supression.

RI80 Series - PDF (419KB)

106 ~ 109 10K ~ 35K
Ceramic Noise Suppressor - RMCA, RMCB Series
Ceramic Noise Suppressor resistor

RMCA, RMCB Ceramic Resistors are suitable for noise suppressor of engine ignition system. Reliable with non-disconnection failure. Custom types are available.

RMCA, RMCB Series - PDF (310KB)

470 ~ 105 300 ~ 500
High Surge Current - RMCC Series
High Surge Current Resistors

RMCC Surge Resistors are excellent characteristic against high voltage surge current. Higher reliability for disconnection failure by comparing to wirewound and film type. Suitable for high voltage circuits in X-ray generators and electron microscopes.

RMCC Series - PDF (317KB)

470 ~ 105 300 ~ 500
Power High Voltage Resistors - RI85 Series
Power High Voltage Resistors

Direct Electronics presenting Token brand RI85 series has been developed to provide design engineers with high quality, high power, high voltage dividers for use in sophisticated system.

RI85 Series - PDF (317KB)

105 ~ 1012 50KV ~ 100KV
Network High Voltage Dividers - NTK Series
Network High Voltage Dividers

Tailor-made (NTK) high voltage resistors for network dividers to suit your needs. This advanced film resistor technology provides the performance characteristics required by the precision input signal circuits of both bench-type and laboratory digital instruments.

NTK Series - PDF (317KB)

Custom 800V ~ 8.5KV
Ceramic Tubular High Voltage Resistors - RMCD Series
High Surge Current Resistors

Non-inductance high voltage ceramic tubular resistors offer higher average power dissipation while retaining the advantages of high surge energy, high voltage withstand, and non-inductance.

RMCD Series - PDF (317KB)

470 ~ 105 300 ~ 500
RCR Series

Power Anti Surge RCR Resistors are made by metal glaze coating on the surface of a cylindrical substrate with excellent characteristics and stable at even high resistance range.

RCR Series - PDF (334KB)

Dip 1/2 ~ 1 W

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