LTCS10.7M series (Compatible to Murata SFECS10M7) for FM-receivers are small, high performance and super thin (1.5mm max.). Piezoelectric element is connected in the sandwich shape by piezo substrate.

1. Mountable by automatic placers.
2. Slim at only 1.5mm max. thickness, and have a small mounting area enabling flexible PCB design.
3. Various bandwidths are available. Select a suitable type in accordance with the desired selectivity.
Chip Ceramic Filters - LTCS10.7MS2 4. Operating temperature range: -20 to +80 ( °C )
Storage temperature range: -40 to +85 ( °C )

1. Small, thin radios
2. Headphone stereos
LTCS10.7M ( Compatible to Murata SFECS10M7 ) 10.7MHz

SMD Type LTCS10.7M Technical Characteristics
3dB Band Width
20dB Band Width
Insertion Loss
Spurious Attenuation
LTCS10.7MS2 230±50 510 3.5±2.0 30
LTCS10.7MS3 180±40 470 4.5±2.0 30
LTCS10.7MA5 280±50 590 3.0±2.0 30
LTCS10.7MA20 330±50 700 3.0±2.0 30
  • Input/Output Impedance:330Ω

LTCS10.7M Dimensions ( Unit: mm )
chip ceramic filters,smd,murata sfecv

LTCS10.7M Test Circuit

How to Order
Part Number
Package (TR:Taping Reel)

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