Token LT465A for Radio-Cassette Recorder were designed to address the needs of standard radio cassette recorder requirements. Recommend for use in low cost products where economically, efficient designs are critical. The nominal frequency tolerance is ±2 KHz.
LT for Radio Cassette Recorder 450 kHz ~ 470 kHz

LT Series Technical Characteristics
Center Frequency
Insertion Loss
6dB Band Width
Spurious Attenuation
Selectivity ±9kHz off
Pass Band Ripple
Input/Output Impedance
LT450A 450±2 3 8 12 11 1 2
LT455A 455±2 3 8 12 11 1 2
LT465A 465±2 3 8 12 11 1 2
  • Center Frequency (fo) is available in a range of 450 ~ 470kHz.
    The nominal frequency tolerance is ± 2kHz.

LT Series Dimensions & LT Series Test Circuit
ceramic filters,murata

LT Series Characteristics

How to Order
LT455A P
Part Number

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