Microwave components are widely used in: Wireless Cellular Phones and Cable Televisions, Cellular Base Stations Direct Broadcast Satellite Receivers, Automobile Collision Avoidance Sensors, and so on.

Direct microwave components are material with high Q, good temperature stability, and high d constant enables design of stable microwave oscillators. It utilizes the latest piezo technology enabling the most cost-effective designs to be housed in the lowest profile packages for extremely high performance within limited space. SMD and reflow soldering is available and mountable by automatic placing machine. Custom packages are available in Direct. Please consult our sales representatives or engineers as regards the products of other frequency.
DIELECTRIC MICROWAVE PDF- Download Entire Dielectric Components Catalogue, PDF file (713KB).
Dielectric Description
Murata(P/N) Frequency Range
Dielectric Filters - DF Series

DF Series with high permittivity, high dielectric constants, extremely temperature stability and high Q that enables the design of stable microwave oscillators and filters.

DF Series, PDF file (222KB)

DFC 457M~5800MHz
Dielectric Patch Antenna - DA Series

Small dielectric patch antenna dimensions, provides highly stabilized performance, using high quality factor, and stabilized temperature coefficient.

DA Series, PDF file (321KB)

- 1575M~2492MHz
Dielectric Coaxial TE Mode - TE Series

TE coaxial series are available many different kinds of material with high Q which provides various dielectric constants to meet dielectric resonator applications.

TE Series, PDF file (332KB)

- 2G ~ 16GHz
Dielectric Resonators - DR Series

Dielectric resonators DR series are widely used in voltage controlled oscillators and filters for cellular phone, cordless phone and so on.

DR Series, PDF file (341KB)

DRR 400M~5000MHz

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