low ohmic,current,sensing,open air,power LR Series are super low resistance (2mΩ ~) and suitable for high power AC/DC detection of power supply circuit. All low ohmic power type are non-inductive type and custom-made products. Please contact Token sales for more information.
Type LRA 350-009 351-009
Power rating P70 W 0.5 1.0 1.5
Resistance range Ω R003~R051 R004~R068 R006~R10
E-series   E24≥R010
Tolerances % ±1, ±3, ±5, ±10
Temperature coefficient PPM ±25~±100
Max. Cont. working voltage VRMS For all styles
Insulation voltage (1min.) VRMS Low_Ohmic_ResistorNon insulated
Insulation resistance Ω Non insulated
Derating, linear °C 70~300(0W)
Climatic category   55/200/56
Temperature range °C -50~300
Thermal resistance KW-1 200 100 70
Failure rate (Total, max, 60% conf. lev.) 10-9 * h-1 Ca.10, Depends on value
Endurance (P70, 70,1000h) []% ±3.0
Damp heat ,steady state(40°C,93% r.h.,56d) []% ±0.5
Climatic sequence []% ±0.5
Terminal strength []% ±0.5
Terminal tensile strength N 30
Resistance to soldering heat ( 260°C,10s ) []% ±0.2 typ.
Solder ability s 2.5 Flow time, solder globule test
IEC 60068-2-20-T
Making   Value imprinted

Dimension (Unit: mm)
Type H max. RM
LRA350-009 6.5 10
LRA351-009 10.5
LRA352-009 17.0
LRA351-010 8.0 15
LRA352-010 14.5
LRA352-010 16.1±1.0 14.5±1.0
LRA352-010 17.1±1.0 14.5±1.0
LRA352-011 12.0 20
Construction: The resistive elements consist of a flat metal-band. Spot welded Cu-terminals ensure high stability of contacts. Thus, this construction results in a non inductive of both high stability and overload capacity.

Type Packaging Pieces Pack.-Code
LRA350-009 Bulk 200pcs Bulk
Bulk 200pcs Bulk
Bulk 200pcs Bulk

How to Order
LRA351-009 R024 J P
Part Number
Resistance Value
R020 0.020Ω
R022 0.022Ω
R024 0.024Ω
R100 0.100Ω
F ±1%
G ±2%
J ±5%
K ±10%
Pack. -Code
P Bulk

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